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Heskins Cr_Smkiii_17, Mk3 Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape, Gray

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Heskins, CR_SMKIII_17, MK3 Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape, Gray, 17" x 60' Coarse resilient tape is constructed from an embossed plastic, with an embossing technique applied that allows for an excellent surface texture that has high levels of CoF (Coefficient of Friction) while being non abrasive

  • Description
  • Anti Slip Stair Edging On construction sites and in other industrial environments, steps and stairs are exposed to the elements, and the elements are also brought indoors by the user, causing stairs to become hazardous, and therefore increasing the chance of slips

    Applying anti slip stair strips as anti slip stair edging to these areas will help to reduce slips, with the industrial finish preventing the dirt and other contaminants from degrading performance to levels that do not meet regulation Features Easy to clean No grit to shed Kind to skin and clothing Waterproof For more demanding areas

    Walkways in and around buildings, and footplates and steps on machinery are all prone to the same outcome

    We have increased the non slip surfaces effectiveness for areas that may be subjected to dirt build up and water, such as industrial application