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Brandtech 4760141, Titrette 10Ml Bottletop Burette With Valve

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BrandTech, 4760141 , Titrette 10mL Bottletop Burette Includes : Telescoping filling tube (170-330mm) Recirculation tube 2 Batteries (AAA/UM4/LR03) 3 Bottletop adapters 2 Amber colored light shield inspection windows Performance certificate Operating manual The BRAND Titrette ® is the only bottletop burette that meets Class A accuracy specifications for glass burettes

  • Description
  • Features The 45mm standard thread, plus included adapters, fit most common lab bottles Titrating tube can be adjusted horizontally and vertically Integrated SafetyPrime trade valve reduces waste of valuable reagents Clip-on amber-colored window protects light-sensitive reagents Valves replaceable for simple, economical service Large handwheels provide smooth, precise control Compact design and light weight ensure good stability

    If needed, it can offer the precision of 3 decimal places below 20mL

    It can be quickly and easily disassembled in a matter of minutes - for cleaning, to replace the piston or cylinder, or to replace the batteries