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Dixon Valve Vep12F12-Bop, Vep-Bop Safety Female Coupler

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Dixon, VEP12F12-BOP, VEP-BOP Series 3.74" DQC Blowout Preventer Safety Female Plug Applications Designed specifically for blow-out preventer systems on drilling rigs Specifications BOP couplings have been fire tested and Lloyd's certified to 700°C (1300°F) in accordance with API 16D

  • Description
  • Certificate available upon request Maximum Impulse Pressure 5800 PSI 40 MPa Burst Pressure Connected 18000 PSI 124 MPa Burst Pressure Plug 14500 PSI 100 MPa Maximum Pressure Connect Disconnect 3000 PSI 21 MPa Lloyd's Test Pressure 5, 000 PSI Construction Machined components are manufactured using solid steel bar stock Stainless steel retaining rings and springs maximize corrosion resistance and extend service life Steel components are plated using ROHS Compliant Zinc Nickel Red powder coated components and external O-rings for easy BOP service identification