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Rhapsody Light Gold Area Rug - Nourison Rh008

4.9 stars, based on 37 reviews

Rhapsody Light Gold Area Rug - Nourison RH008 RH008 Feature: This modern mix of European and Persian textile traditions takes visual excitement to a new level

  • Description
  • Fabric 80 NEW ZEALAND WOOL, 20 NYLON Dimensions 66 x 96 x 0.50

    An eye-filling, tantalizing and wonderfully appealing rug

    Intricate details highlighted in turquoise and oxblood are presented in elegant contrast to the creamy gold and vanilla ground

    The complex color story is a vivid spectrum of jewel tones

    The lively and sophisticated design presents flickering abstract shapes on an intricately striated ground

    Unique and dazzling! 80 Wool 20 Nylon PowerloomedTribal motifs spring to new life in this modern interpretation of ancient Persian design